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My Story....

My name is Cinsonya, the Owner of Desired Accessories. A business that sells handcrafted jewelry and high-quality fashion accessories for every style and occasion to help people all over the world, look good and feel good without breaking the bank. You may be asking yourself, why did I start my business? Well, it all started when I was in middle school. I can remember growing up, and how people would pick at me (us) because we took Spam sandwiches, Vienna Sausages and sometimes Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwiches to school. They picked at me (us) because we didn't wear name brand clothes or shoes to school. This really bothered me because it made me feel "less than" at school. It caused me not to feel good about myself with what I wore and what I ate. I didn't want to ask my mom to buy name brand because she would know something was up at school. For a while I really hated going to school so, that I would hide my snack and wait until everyone left to eat my food. 


Then one day something clicked, and it's like I heard a voice say, "Look at your mother". So, I began to look (and I mean really look) at my beautiful Mother. I looked at how she was a single mother of 8 children and went to work every day. She worked long hours to make sure we had everything we “need”. No, she didn’t have all the money in the world, but she made sure we had a roof over our head, food on the table every night, we were clean, we wore clean clothes, and our hair was done. There were times where she went without so that we could have. She was the most beautiful woman in my eyes. She didn't wear name brand clothing, and she didn't care what people said or thought of her. It was then that I realized, it doesn’t take all of that. It's not about money or name brand clothes/shoes. True beauty starts within and work its way on the outside.


In that moment, I can remember running to the bathroom. I closed the door and looked in that mirror, (I stayed in the mirror all the time lol). That night, I told myself over and over: "Cinsonya you do look good!" And the more I said it, the better I felt. Because, before they started picking on me (us), I didn't have a problem with what I ate and how I looked. And as I continued to look at myself in that mirror, I told myself one last thing. I said: "Cinsonya, one day you going to own your business selling some good-looking stuff, at prices anyone can afford, and you going to share your story-why!" I walked out that bathroom smiling, feeling good about myself and went to bed. I never said nothing to my mother or my siblings to this day. You see, my mother didn't have all the money in the world, we didn't live in the best looking home in the word, but we looked good, we ate good, and we didn't go without not one day.


In that moment as a child, I realized, it’s not about having a lot of money, buying name brand clothes and shoes, or eating what people called "the finest foods". You have to look good and feel good "within yourself", with what you have not with what other people think you should have. Don’t get me wrong there’s absolutely nothing wrong with any of those things. As a child in middle school I realized, those things don’t “make you”. Those things don’t determine who you are and whose you are. You don’t have to keep up with other people. You don't have to buy all this expensive stuff just to look good based upon what someone else says. I've learned as I got older, you can spend $20 and look very good, and people will think you spend $200. 

Fast forward to 2022, Desired Accessories By Cinsonya was built and then launched in 2023. I chose the name Desired Accessories because everyone has a desire. A desire to be rich, a desire to own a car, a desire to own a house, a desire to be married, a desire to have children, a desire to lose/gain weight, a desire to fly, a desire travel, a desire to win, and even a desire to look good when they walk out the door and so much more. That’s where Desired Accessories step in. I’m here to help customers all over the world with their desire to look good every day. I have accessories that will help you complete your look with high quality accessories without breaking the bank.



At Desired Accessories, I also make handcrafted fashion jewelry. You'll find a curated selection of handmade accessories that you'll love. From Earrings to Necklaces, I offer a variety of items for any style and occasion or as a gift for someone special. Each handmade accessory takes anywhere from 30mins - 2 hours to construct as I examine and reinforce each bead, each string, each tassel, each design and each piece so that it's durable, strong and functional. I put a lot of love, time and attention into each and every item I make, and I hope you'll enjoy them as much as I do.


 Desired Accessories was built out of love, compassion, hard work and dedication. I am proud to have produced so many happy customers in such a short time and establishing customer loyalty through exceptional customer service and quality products. The sky isn't the limit, and I look forward to the journey ahead and where it takes us!




Cinsonya Gordon



Remember: "Being beautiful is not just about looking good but also about feeling good, self-love, and being confident. Outer and inner beauty are both equally important."

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